Tuesday, Mar 21 - 2017

A new world awaits
The world of Mianite lays in ruins, with only a whisper of the past to guide the future. A new world await for those willing to venture out of the protection of the merciful.

What lies beyond the safety of the island is for you to discover.


Monday, Feb 27 - 2017
Development Overview 4

The forum's have just been updated and re-skinned in preparation for the server reset.


Thursday, Feb 23 - 2017
Development Overview 3

The new world is fully generated, re-lit and "shaken" (no floating grass or plants). It's currently being mapped out via dynmap, and will be compressed and uploaded to the main server sometime this weekend. Depending on issues we encouter while finishing plugin configuration, it may take roughly a week to finish it up, but the reset is almost here. <3


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0 Online players

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